videobox blogger template free |

videobox blogger template free |

The videobox blogger template is a unique discovery made by sora Template which is basically perfect for your video related websites.

If you watch the demo of this blogger template then one thing you must notice is the design of this video blogger template, which is very simple and elegant.

If you take a look at the footer section of the videobox blogger template, you will see that the footer bar also has a very simple design.

You will also find all the menubars that you must have on your website, including the error page dropdown menu in advance. All you have to do is change the links and add the ones you need.

Also at the bottom of each article where the read-more button is observed on all Blogger templates, in the videobox blogger template, you will find a shortcut widget to copy the link to your video.

The videobox blogger template also has a spam-free blogger comment widget so that visitors can serve their views on each of your videos in a very nice and fluent language.

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