Yamanga Blogger Template Free Download |

Yamanga Blogger Template Free Download |

Yamanga Blogger Template is a Simple and Responsive Blogger Template. If you want to create a blog site only text related then this is right for you.

Yamanga Blogger Template has been created in such a simple way that if you publish any kind of article on your site using this blogger template then only you can see the text.

The fact is that even if you add some kind of thumbnails to your article, they will not show up on the homepage in front of the visitors, but when visitors click on the title of your article, they will see thumbnails.

Yamanga Blogger Template has launched a Facebook comment system that allows visitors to share their views on Facebook.

Social share buttons are added at the bottom of each article in a responsive and mobile-friendly way so that anyone who likes your article can share it with their friends.

If you use this Blogger template on your site, you will find a layout like adding some important links or pictures in the header section of this template.

The template also uses a dark and elegant search bar that allows visitors to find what they want from your site.

If you want, you can display the homepage of this blogger template about your site or any notice to the visitors. Which will be responsibly presented to your visitors on the home page of your website.

Also important are some of the important features that exist in this blogger template: Custom Post Manga, Custom Episode Chapter, Recent Anime, Genre in Footer etc.

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